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Consumer NZ Testing

My Sunshine was secretly tested by Consumer NZ & was 1 of only 8 sunscreens to meet SPF & Broad Spectrum claims.


Radio interview with Carly Flynn on Radio Live

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Newspaper Article

Auckland mum creates natural sunscreen after challenges with fertility


Sarah Studd at her Takapuna home with her three children from left: Lulu, Mac and Scarlett.

A challenging fertility effort made Sarah Studd evaluate all the chemicals that entered her body.

Everything was under scrutiny, and one unknown was the large amount of cheap mass-produced sunscreen she used living beside Takapuna Beach on Auckland's North Shore.

It set off a train of thought that, three years later, saw her bringing out her own brand of organic sunscreen called My Sunshine.

"I was going through fertility issues and that made me look at my whole lifestyle, what was going on in my skin, what I was eating, being healthy. I realised I wasn't the only one looking at chemicals in the house," Studd says.

Based on zinc, Studd's sunscreen is devoid of the synthetic chemicals, such as oxybenzone and the sulphates in most sunscreens.

"With the zinc, it's quite hard to get product that will rub in really nicely. That was my biggest mission to make it a beautiful product for people to wear that was transparent, so you couldn't see it when it rubs in," Studd says.

With no experience of making any kind of skincare product, Studd consulted with chemists.

"I went back and forth I don't know how many times trying to get a really lovely cream," Studd said

Studd also went to Australia to have My Sunshine approved SPF 30 by the Australian New Zealand Sunscreen Standard.

"In New Zealand, you don't actually have to pass that regulation to sell sunscreen, which I just can't believe when there's so many people dying of melanoma every year," Studd said.

"I've got fair skin, and in the climate that we live in, the amount of times that we're putting it on in summer, we should be using natural ingredients."

At the moment, Studd is chiefly selling her product online, with more details at